Jason Deeble

Jason (AUTHOR WEBSITE) was born in Delaware and spent his youth drawing comic books and playing video games, and in high school, started writing fiction and children's books. He then enrolled in the University of Delaware's Elementary Teacher Education program. While continuing with his creative interests in drawing and writing, he completed his studies and moved to Boston soon after graduation. After a time in Massachusetts, he moved to Connecticut, and found a home teaching at the Integrated Day Charter School in a town called Norwich. Jason says his artistic style never really strayed much from those early days of drawing comics and playing video games. Everything he does now is cartoonish and whimsical and looks like it would fit in perfectly in the next Super Mario or Megaman video game. He likes to work with odd forms of media like mud and bits of junk he finds in my house but more often than not, pen and ink works just fine. He and his wife are expecting the arrival of their first child this December, as well as the publication of his first book, Sir Ryan's Quest, this coming March.Jeffrey Diegel
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